Grades & Transcripts

Grades & Transcripts

Original copies of student exams are maintained in each student’s education file while they are in attendance and for three years after their last day of attendance. Transcripts are maintained by the student records office indefinitely. Each transcript documents student grades and can be reviewed upon written request.

Permanent copies of all student records are maintained at the university. There is a three (3) business day waiting period for delivery of official transcripts and/or Diplomas.

Any student requiring additional copies of said documents must pay a processing fee for each document requested. Upon presentation of a receipt of payment from the Business Office, the Registrar will prepare the requested document(s). There is a three-day waiting period for processing. Processing will only begin after payment. If there is an outstanding balance to the university, it must be paid before processing can begin.

Grading System

Grades are based on the quality of work as shown by written tests, term papers, and projects as indicated on the course syllabus. Faculty members will provide students with an individual evaluation of performance for each course. Grades are posted onto the student’s academic record, which is kept permanently.

Letter Grade Quality Points Definition
A+ 4.0 95 - 100% - Excellent
A 3.75 90 - 94%
B+ 3.5 85 - 89%
B 3.0 80 - 84% - Minimum CGPA for Graduate
C+ 2.5 75 - 79%
C 2.0 70 - 74%
D+ 1.5 65 - 69%
D 1.0 60 - 64%
F 0 Fail
I 0 Incomplete
P 0 Pass
W 0 Withdrawal
X 0 Ongoing
NR 0 Grade Not Reported
WF 0 Withdrawal after 60% course completion
T 0 No Pass
NP 0 Grade Not Reported
R 0 Repeat