Admission Application & Reactivation

Admission Application & Reactivation

Application For Admission

All persons interested in applying for admission to the university should complete an application which must be accompanied by a non-refundable required registration fee of a $150.00 (check, money order, or credit card) to process the application. The check/money order should be made payable to Birchwood University.

Applicants must submit all required application documents to be considered for admission. Once a decision is made, an email will be sent to the candidate with further instructions. Candidates will be contacted by their admissions agent regularly to ensure the completed documents are received by the office.

General Admission Requirements:

  • Applicant must be 18 years or older.
  • Submission of a copy of a valid government-issued picture identification.
  • Submission of a copy of an updated Resume.
  • Any document not in English must be accompanied by a certified translated copy.


Students are required to register for classes either through email or in person, registration period is listed above on the institution’s calendar.
An individual who has been accepted for admission to BIRCHWOOD UNIVERSITY, but who has not attended any courses, has their original application and fee active for one (1) year from the term in which the individual was first accepted. In situations longer than one (1) year the application process must be started again with a new application and fee paid.


Prior to attending classes, new student, as well as those returning to the university after one term or more of non-attendance, are required to participate in an orientation program. Attendance is mandatory. This program is designed to acquaint student with the policies of the university. Students are also required to attend an e-library orientation during their first term

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Birchwood University, and to receive a degree, the student must:
  • Complete all credits as stated in the catalog.
  • Earn a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average.
  • Meet satisfactory academic progress.
  • Fulfill all monetary obligations.

Credentials Awarded

Program Credits Required Credentials Awarded
Data Science 36 Master of Science
Cyber Security 36 Master of Science
Business Administration 45 Master of Business Administration

Definition of A Unit of Credit

The university follows the Carnegie unit calculation method for awarding course credit. As an example, we calculate 1 Credit Hour to be 15 theory hours.

To that end, our courses are typically 3 credit course and will require 45 hours of total instruction. Additionally, the student must be prepared to complete assignments, research, and other course related activities.

Course Withdrawal Policy

  • To apply for a withdrawal, students will provide notification of intent to withdraw, in writing or orally, to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar will document the reasons and date of the student request.
  • Withdrawals with Refund: Courses in which the student applies for withdrawal during the drop/add period will be refunded according to the Cancellation and Refund Policy.
  • Withdrawals without Refund: When students request a withdrawal from a course, after the due date established by the institution for withdrawals with refund, it may affect the student’s academic progress.

Withdrawal Policy

  • A student may withdraw from a class and obtain the notation of "W" until the day before the final exam.
  • Unsatisfactory academic performance following the above deadline will not be accepted as a reason for withdrawal.
  • Students who are seeking a withdrawal for medical reasons must provide appropriate medical information using the “Withdrawal Form” available at the Birchwood University website.
  • If a withdrawal for medical reasons is approved, an "I” will be recorded for each course.
  • Students who receive a withdrawal for medical reasons may be placed “on hold” until the University determines that the student is ready to return. If a withdrawal for medical reasons is not approved, but the situation justifies a withdrawal, the request may be approved as a late withdrawal, and grade of "W“ will be recorded.
  • If a student withdraws from a course while an alleged academically dishonest act is under review, and the case is not resolved in favor of the student, the academic department, in conjunction with faculty and appropriate University committee, reserves the right to assign the appropriate grade for the course.

Make-up Work Policy & Repeating Courses

Students who are unable to complete work by the end of the course may be granted an incomplete grade (I) with the instructor’s approval. Make-up work policy is granted on a case-by case basis. Arrangements must be completed within three (3) days from the end of the course. Failure to make such arrangements without administrative approval will result in a failing grade.

Transfer of Credits

Transfer applicants must meet all the admission requirements of Birchwood University. The university’s transfer policy is designed to recognize previously earned credits. Individuals who have earned credit at other institutions are encouraged to find out which courses may apply. Students may qualify to use up to 18 credits earned elsewhere towards Birchwood University. Speak to your admissions agent for details.

Birchwood University will evaluate transfer credit from other institutions on a course-bycourse basis. Transferability of credits is based on similar content and course objectives. Qualified credits will only be accepted if the grade earned was at least a “B”. Transfer of credit is at the discretion of Birchwood University. Transfer of Credits from Birchwood University to another university is at the discretion of the receiving institution, it is the students’ responsibility to confirm whether credits will be accepted by another institution of their choice.

Birchwood University does not grant credits for work experience or by examination.

Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act (FERPA)

Federal and State laws restrict the release of confidential student records and information. Students have a right to inspect their educational records and are protected from release of information without their written consent, except for subpoenaed requests from courts with appropriate jurisdiction. Students must make written requests for transcripts and other academic information. Requests by unauthorized third parties and telephone requests will not be honored.