Online Delivery

Online Delivery

Birchwood University's online term is sixteen (16) weeks long and encompasses multiple hours of asynchronous instruction per week via the Internet and discussions including assignments, assigned readings, and projects.

Technology Requirements

Once a student is registered, their only necessary equipment is a personal computer with internet access, a student can access the eLearning platform from anywhere in the world. To maintain privacy and security, each student is provided with a username and password which allows them to reach their page within the Learning Management System.
It is important to maintain student interaction with the instructor and the learning community. The online platform will allow these interactions to be more flexible regarding time and space, yet the outcome should be similar or better.
It is important to outline the following criteria:
  1. The professor knows online instructional technology so that they can not only easily use it to teach students but also help students who have any issues.
  2. The student earns flexibility in distance and time. Based on the course syllabus, the student can plan and organize his/her learning plan for the subject.
  3. The online process opens many avenues for study; self-study takes an enhanced role. Also, they can have interactions with the professor and the rest of the students through forums, chats, web-conferencing, and such.
  4. The student follows the course agenda and works guided by the professor’s advice. Students are accountable for semester work

Our Learning Management System

Our learning platform is BigLearningBox; this platform replaces the classroom and provides the student with the tools to engage the learning process in an enjoyable, easy-to-use, and efficient environment. The platform has been standardized to familiarize the student with the learning process and avoid confusion. Some of the elements contained in the platform are:
  • Course Syllabus: Outlines the path to the class.
  • Chats: Allows for the student to interact with other students and the professor.
  • Forums: This asynchronous tool allows the class participants to create threads of information that will be available throughout the class.
  • Calendar: Reminds the students how the class has advanced and reminds them of tasks, quizzes, or exams ahead.
  • Document Load Zone: Throughout the course, the student will have places to load assignments clearly and conveniently.

Course Content

Once the students log in to their page and open their course, they can view different web tools they can use to study. The main one they will use is the documents & links tab which contains their downloadable syllabus, lectures, audio or video streams, and any other relevant learning materials.

Students will follow their syllabus to organize their weekly studies and will use the assignments tab to review deadlines, download exams, submit homework, case studies, or projects, and upload their work. Special instructional activities may be scheduled at specific times convenient to both students and faculty members, in which case the announcement tab is the tool used by the faculty to give directions. If a student has a question related to the course, they can directly post it in the discussion posts where both the professor and fellow students can respond so that everyone benefits from the answer. If a student has a question not related to the course, they can directly email their professor through the address given in the syllabus, Skype chat, or call them as disclosed in the syllabus.


The use of forums, chats, and other communication tools allows instructors to provide continuing evaluation and feedback to students as they prepare their formal evaluations.

Formal evaluations are implemented using assignments or quizzes. For assignments, the student submits a text file; the instructor corrects it, gives feedback, and assigns a grade. Quizzes are corrected automatically, and the grading is instantaneous.

All exams are administered through our password-protected online platform. Students are expected to adhere to the timeline and retake policies provided by the course professor in the course syllabus. Any retakes are at the discretion of the professor.

Faculty members will have access online to post assignments and exams. Faculty will have between 48 hours to post grades for assignments during the term and 5 days to post grades for finals electronically.

Response Time

When a student sends a message with a question or posts a message in a forum, the instructor is expected to respond within 24 hours during weekdays and weekends. Response time for evaluations that require the instructor’s review, grading, and feedback will be 48 hours during weekdays and weekends

Online Communication

Online students must communicate with their instructors frequently. Students with questions can write emails to their instructors asking any questions they may have. They may request additional chat sessions to clarify information. The instructor will schedule a time to meet with the student in a chat room, by phone, or in person at the campus location. Students should expect that each communication will be followed up with a written summary of the discussion generated by the instructor. Such communications will be provided to the student by email.

Attendance and Class Schedule

Online Campus

The University is in session throughout the year, except for the holidays listed above in the Calendar section. Delivery of classes will be asynchronous through Birchwood University’s Learning Management System (LMS). Students will be required to participate in chats and discussions every week previously prepared by their instructors and shared via the Chat and Discussion Boxes. Attendance is mandatory and students are expected to log in to their classes at least three times a week to be considered in attendance. Special instructional activities may be scheduled at specific times convenient to both students and faculty members. Students who do not regularly attend any of their registered classes during the term may be administratively withdrawn from the University and placed on probation or dismissed.