Student Services

Student Services

Student will receive advisement and or counseling with the following topics: Academic Planning which includes academic advising, inquiry about additional online course offerings, registration for courses, completion of administrative forms, the purchase of textbooks and library access. Student services also include Financial Advisement and Personal Academic issues. In addition, the student will also receive career services assistance, which will consist of identifying opportunities and advising the student on appropriate means of attempting to realize those opportunities.

Academic Advising

Upon enrollment, Birchwood University provides academic advising by assigning an academic advisor who assists the student in attaining his/her educational goals and fulfilling our university requirements. Students will be given the advisor's phone number and e-mail address. The advisor will be able to offer a more valuable insight into the student's educational planning, by contacting the student and having a greater understanding of the student's expectations and experience.

The academic advisor is responsible for providing professional and personal academic supervision to a student enrolled in a program at the university. The academic advisor will work directly on a personal basis with each student to provide academic advisement, guidance, and prompt feedback to each student who enrolls at the University or asks for assistance

Academic Counseling

Academic counseling is available to all students during the admission process and throughout the program.

Any problems the university is not able to address will be referred to community organizations and agencies to better meet the student's needs.

Career Services

The university does not make any guarantees of employment or salary upon graduation. The university will offer career services, which will consist of identifying employment opportunities and advising on appropriate means of attempting to realize these opportunities. The Career Services advisor will help the student in creating a resume, sharpen the student’s interviewing skills, and advise on strategies for searching for current job opportunities.


Students and faculty have access to Birchwood University’s Online Library, which is a very important online resource for academic assignments, projects, and research. Birchwood University has an agreement for the use of e-Library at

The library provides students and faculty with 24-hour-a-day and 7 days a week access to instructional, academic, and research resources.

Leave of Absence

A student may be granted a leave of absence for a maximum of 5 days. All requests for leaves of absence must be in writing with the reason for the LOA and the date of expected return specified. If the student does not return on the expected date, the student’s enrollment will be terminated. A refund calculation will be completed according to the school Cancellation & Refund Policy. The withdrawal date will be the student’s last recorded date of attendance.